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Thoroseal Services In Brooklyn

Thoroseal Services In Brooklyn

The full range of product solutions will now appear in the market under the global Primecity Contracting. The Primecity Contracting is respected and specified by construction professionals around the Brooklyn. This change ensures customers accustomed to the Thoro brand still get the same full range of product solutions, but with greater product accessibility, enhanced packaging and first-class marketing support.

Thoroseal can be applied easily with a stiff hand brush, broom, or spray equipment. Super Thoroseal is best for waterproofing toilets, baths, firewalls, and tanks. 

Facade Restoring services

Quick Overview Thoroseal

Cement-based, heavy-duty Waterproof coating for concrete and masonry, interior or exterior. Fills and seals pores and voids while resisting hydrostatic pressure. Waterproofs and protects building interiors from dampness, moisture, or seepage.

Ideal for interior or exterior, above or below grade; vertical, overhead and non-traffic bearing surfaces. Locks water out or holds it in by actually becoming part of the wall. Fills and seals pores and voids to correct surface irregularities. Compatible with a wide range of architectural coatings and textured finishes.


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