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Our Services

Consistently Providing the Best Services

Primecity Contracting is one of the fastest growing construction companies reputable for delivering projects of exceptional excellence. Primecity Contracting Company has highly qualified and dynamic team which is 24/7 busy in providing cutting edge technology to their clients. Our team of professionals provides construction, renovation and up gradation under the supervision of highly skilled engineers and trained workers. 

Eye Catching Design

Primecity Contracting team of professionals craft the minute details of their clients. Primecity Contracting designs your dreams into eye catching designs which speak of its own grandeur.

Crafted with love

Primecity Contracting team of architects crafted every detail with affection and full determination to deliver clients dreams by taking inconsideration of all the particulars.

Perfection in style

Quality, style and perfection are all what Primecity Contracting has always strived to deliver in their projects. Primecity Contracting steam helps you in designing, planning and constructing your projects.



waterproofing services


Primecity Contracting provides 100% satisfactory and guaranteed waterproofing Services using latest techniques and modern equipment.

residential roofing services


Primecity Contracting crew is highly skilled with our great motor and carpentry skills, and superior knowledge of lead work in doing all kinds of roofing work.

masonry services


At Primecity Contracting, we’re more than just a brick repair company, on the contrary, we provide complete masonry and brick solutions

brick pointing services

Brick Pointing

The Primecity Contracting team has been helping preserve and restore houses, units, churches, schools and even brand new homes.

facade rectification services

Facade Restoration

Primecity Contracting offers a full range of restoration, conservation, refurbishment and remodeling services associated with principal and subcontracting.

Primecity constructing Gallery


Primecity Contracting provides Thorocoat or Thoroseal services that is the ideal waterproof coating choice for helping to protect your building.

silicone coatings services

Silicon Coating

Primecity Contracting offers a range of silicone release coatings to support the fabrication of construction materials used in residential & commercial.

exterior house painting services

Exterior Painting

At Primecity Contracting remodeling & construction, you can expect the finest quality if you choose us as your exterior painting company.

parapet walls rebuilt services

Parapet Walls Rebuilt

Our team of professional masonry and tuckpointing contractors, services metal, clay and limestone copings. Keeping water from penetrating into the parapet wall.

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