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Parapet Walls Rebuilt Services In Brooklyn

Parapet Walls Rebuilt Services In Brooklyn

Masonry parapet wall is a vertical extension of the building’s wall structure above its roofline, usually enclosing it. It can be also erected around the balconies and terraces as a protective barrier or serve as a firewall dividing two adjoining buildings or apartments. Sometimes used on buildings for purely aesthetic reasons. The main purpose of having parapet walls around your low slope roof is to prevent the roof’s edges from being uplifted by heavy winds. Parapet walls significantly reduce air pressure differences along the roof edges minimizing up-lifting force of the wind.

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Why Is Parapet Rebuilding or Repair Important?

Because the parapet is the tallest portion of the building, it takes on the most severe weathering of the building and needs protection from the elements. Moisture penetration problems are the source of parapet deterioration. Common causes of water infiltration are:

  • Failed/deteriorated caulking joints primarily on coping stones.
  • Failing coping caps.
  • Deteriorated mortar joints that were not repointed in a timely manner.
  • Failure of roof flashing or water getting behind roofing termination starting on the top of a parapet wall, if an ineffective cap was chosen for the wall.

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